High Temperature Superconducting Wire.
Robust. Efficient. Powerful.

What fiber optics is to telecom, high temperature superconducting wire is to power. No other technology comes close.

  • Unmatched critical current capacity

  • Unmatched in-field magnetic performance

  • Extreme efficiency

  • 100X Power density of conventional conductors

  • Increased power capacity

  • Zero resistance

  • Reduced size, weight, and footprint

  • Improved utilization of assets

High Temperature Superconductors Inc. (HTS) Pulse Laser Deposition process is reliable, repeatable, and commercially proven.

HTS’ superconducting wire manufacturing approach utilizes a simplified, layered wire architecture, designed to scale with high yield commercial volumes. HTS’ wire architecture consists of four key manufacturing processes:

  • First, a commercial-grade stainless steel or hastelloy template is passed through an E-Polish process.

  • Second, the template proceeds through an ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD) process in order to produce a template with the right surface conditions.

  • Third, the superconducting materials are deposited onto the template using HTS’ proprietary pulse laser deposition (PLD) process.

  • Fourth, as a final step, a customer can request metal cap layers that cover the entire surface of the wire.

HTS is committed to manufacturing best in class high temperature superconducting wire in volume. Proudly Made in USA.

High Temperature Superconductors, Inc. is a manufacturer of high temperature superconducting wire based in Santa Barbara, California. 

  • Developing thin, mechanically robust, high current wire optimized for fusion.

  • Operating in a manufacturing facility with large cleanroom space.

  • Creating all associated equipment necessary to develop, test, and manufacture superconducting wire and related components.

HTS is uniquely positioned to meet superconducting wire demand for new Resilient, Reliable, and Sustainable Power Applications. These applications include: